Overview Of Services


At Pulse Coaching we consistently run professional development and personal development seminars throughout the year at various easily accessible locations.

Youth Coaching

We are extremely passionate about our youth. Throughout the academic year we create various programmes designed to stimulate young adults and instil the ethos of owning personal development.


We believe the relationship between Employer and Employee needs to hold value and benefit for every party involved. Thats why we run programs designed to set goals for employees that grow the company.

Full Service Specifications

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Professional Development

Set aspiring goals

Are you often told you are too ambitious or live in the stars?

We believe no dream is out of reach, whether it’s to start your own business, become a millionaire or become the best in your field, as long as you have the right tools.

This seminar focuses on how to turn your dream into an achievable goal the first step to a personal or professional development plan.

One Way Ticket To Achieving Your Goals & Aspirations

The fast track to achievement

Once you have discovered the right path how do you succeed?

Here we will focus on how to turn your ambitions into reality for the foreseeable future

CV Clinic

Set Yourself Up To Be Above The Rest

Not getting to the interview stages? Or just don’t where to start? Then we have the solution for you.

We can help you to create an eye catching CV & Personal Statement that sell the real you, just on paper

Interview Success

Becoming The Best Candidate

From sweaty palms to the highly pressurised interview environment.

We will tackle all these and a lot more in order to create the winning formula to succeed in an interview.

Career management

Setting you up to win, Become the Best

Found the career you like and want to progress? Or just want to be the best where you are.

We will help you to discover the tools you need to rise above the rest and differentiate yourself. Become noticed in the workplace.

It is our believe that communication is key to development, therefore our seminars provide a great networking environment for meeting new people and often open doors for students, new graduates and working professionals.

Youth Coaching

Young Adults, 15 – 20

At Pulse Coaching we are extremely passionate about our youth. Throughout the academic year we create various programmes designed to stimulate young adults and instil the ethos of owning personal development.

Whether you are a school, youth club or youth association we have compiled a range of fantastic booster sessions to help your young people unleash their true potential take a look at just a few of our sessions below.

What Is Potential?

The Key To Realising Your Potential

Do you consistently see great potential in some of your pupils? Students are often told they have great potential, however if they cannot realise what this is, it means nothing.

At Pulse Coaching we aim to help your young adults unleash their true potential and excel in whatever field they choose.

The Definitive Life Goal

Making Dreams A Reality

Due to the current economic climate, hard working young families often have less and less time to have the dinner table “how was your day” chat, this can leave young adults without a clear vision for their life.

It is never too early to plan what you want to be. We have been doing so since the age of 5! Fireman, pilot, police officer, dustbin man… we have heard them all.

However at 15-20 it is all about making it real. At Pulse Coaching we provide an exciting and enjoyable to way to develop those aspirations and more importantly provide the tools to achieve these!


A Key To Progression

The world is changing faster today than ever before. As a result we need to provide our young adults with the tools to help cope with change, and more importantly enjoy and thrive in our changing world.

This session will prove adapting to change is a fantastic way to excel in life.

From a group of 5 to team of 100, we will always tailor the sessions to match the needs of your young adults with a free consultation (link you contact us) feel free to contact us.

Corporate & Business Solutions

In the current economic climate all businesses are constantly changing and striving to be the best company possible in order to achieve the best results.

People are the key to achieving ultimate success and can sometimes be left behind in the hustle and bustle of everyday business life.

At Pulse Coaching we aim to rejuvenate your work force in a fun, friendly but ultimately stretching environment, making sure your people want to perform to an optimum level.

We appreciate that each individual business is different and in order for us to provide the best possible service tailored to your people please contact us.